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General editing

‘Editing’ (or, strictly, ‘copy editing’) means preparing text from a document – generally in computer file form – prior to publication. The aim of the process is to ensure that the text is clear, concise and saying what the author intends.

In commercial publishing, the edited file is agreed with the publisher’s in-house managerial staff, sent to a typesetter and (after final corrections at the proofreading stage) printed and bound into book form or loaded up onto the web for online access. For other projects, the edited file might just be accepted by the author for his/her own action after that (eg printing of a report or thesis, self-publication of a fiction or non-fiction narrative, or distribution of a CV).

The editor's job in this context is to ensure that the author's ideas and language come through to the reader as clearly and as easily as possible. The editor has to ensure that:

What follows is a copy-editing example on paper to show what might arise in the process – but of course these days the changes and corrections would generally be made electronically to a WORD document and be visible via Track Changes.

Recent clients of Atkent requiring editorial services include:

Past clients have included FT Law & Tax, Orion Business, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education and Springer.

In addition, Atkent provides a general editing service to clients with more straightforward requirements, such as small firms and individuals. This service could include:

If you manage a relatively small firm or other organisation without access to a publicity or human resources department, why not consider whether Atkent could help with the polished production of internal documentation or reports?

If you're a student – particularly one whose first language is not English – and you are close to finalising a major piece of written work for submission to your university but are worried that it doesn’t read well, why not contact Derek to see whether he could help with improving its presentation? Discounted fee rates are offered to students and charitable institutions.

Or if you’re an individual who needs help with polishing up that special piece of writing – for example, a CV or an important business letter – Atkent can help with that too.

  • any grammatical or punctuation errors are spotted and corrected;
  • the structure of the whole piece makes it easy for the reader to follow;
  • the content is complete and consistent; and
  • a query is raised with the originator whenever insufficient information is available to resolve all of the foregoing.

  • editing/proofreading text going into a website, so that it is in clear and simple English for an international readership;
  • tidying up the structure, grammar and punctuation of a technical report before submission to an important client;
  • setting out staff procedures logically and in easy-to-follow English;
  • checking advertising material for embarrassing spelling mistakes; or
  • tidying a thesis or dissertation for readability, grammar and consistency of style before it is submitted to university authorities.
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