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‘Proofreading’ means checking that the text used to produce the final published document – whether in printed or electronic form – has been transferred accurately and still represents what the author and publisher intend. It is the final detailed check of the text before its use in a wider, public context and so its purpose is to pick up any points that would mar the final product – whether grammatical points missed by the editor or layout points introduced inadvertently by the typesetter.

Set out below is a sample paragraph showing the kinds of correction that might be needed. The amendments are marked up in a ‘shorthand’ style using internationally standardised marks that can be understood by the typesetter. Often nowadays, when typeset pages are sent to a proofreader electronically in .pdf form, corrections can be marked up on the electronic file rather than on paper.

Recent clients of Atkent requiring proofreading services include:

The Stationery Office

Globe Law and Business

White Page Ltd


Past clients have included the Bank of England, the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, Pearson Education, St James’s House (Regal Press Ltd) and individual self-publishers.


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